More Than 32,000 Vallone Scholarships Since 1998 Chancellor Commends Current City Council Leadership For Supporting Eligible Students

According to the Office of Financial Aid of The City University of New York, more than 32,000 Vallone Scholarships have been granted to students since 1998, assisting New York City high school graduates with “B” averages or higher to pursue college degrees at the 17 undergraduate campuses of CUNY.

“I am deeply grateful to Speaker A. Gifford Miller, Higher Education Committee Chairman Charles Barron, and the entire New York City Council for their successful efforts to maintain the Vallone Scholarship Program,” said Chancellor Matthew Goldstein. “The Vallone Scholarships help the City retain thousands of promising high school graduates seeking to realize their dreams through higher education.”

New York City high school graduates with a “B” average or higher and a minimum of 12 academic credits who apply to City University may be eligible for the scholarship. The award is available to students who enroll full time in any of the 17 undergraduate colleges at CUNY within a year of graduating from a public or private New York City high school without attending any postsecondary school first. Students who are eligible for the Vallone Scholarship, who enroll in associate or baccalaureate degree programs at any of the CUNY undergraduate campuses, and who maintain a cumulative “B” average or higher will receive an award of up to $1,450 per year. Tuition is $2,500 per year at the community colleges, and $3,200 at the senior colleges.

The Vallone Scholarship, which will begin its fifth year this fall, is named for former City Council Speaker Peter F. Vallone. In the fall of 2001 the most recent year for which data is available, 4,582 members of the freshmen class received scholarships from the City Council. The scholarship is renewed each semester for students who maintain the cumulative “B” average or higher. Overall, 18,804 students have received scholarships since inception.