“Study With the Best” CUNY-TV’s Fast-paced Magazine Show October 27 at 8 on CUNY-TV/75

This week’s Study With The Best features gripping “survivor” stories and profiles of people who are helping to rebuild lives.

  • Spinal cord injury survivors, such as Christopher Reeve, look to the enthusiasm and confidence that researchers like Hunter College’s Distinguished Professor Marie Filbin has in nerve regeneration. “Nothing is Impossible” is the title of Reeve’s memoirs.
  • “Out Of The Darkness,” a student film produced by members of the Digital Video Club at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (the CUNY school hardest hit on 9/11) records the events of September 11th. Not only does it capture a moment in history, More importantly it documents the pride these students have for their school.
  • With its Northeast regional center located on the York College campus, the Food and Drug Administration internship program provides York students with valuable, first-hand experience for careers in the food safety industry.

“Study With the Best,” CUNY-TV’s new fast-paced magazine show, features these segments and more in the eleventh episode of the series. Using eye-popping crosscuts, funky camera angles, and chart-topping music tracks, senior producer and writer Prof. Linda Prout and on-air student co-hosts Valerie Vazquez and Zyphus Lebrun, pack the half hour show with a borough-hopping itinerary.

“Study With the Best” is the first television series devoted to opportunities in higher education. The show appears every Sunday at 8 on Channel 75. Streaming video excerpts are also featured on www.cuny.edu, the University web site.