“Study With the Best” CUNY-TV’s Fast-Paced Magazine Show November 17 at 8 on CUNY-TV/75

This week’s “Study With the Best” show features a young prize-winning math whiz from City College; a New York City College of Technology graduate who has created his own Wonderland with an Alice of a different color; Hunter College alumnus and Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, and Dr. Samuel Daniel, the Queens College graduate who is the top executive at Harlem’s North General Hospital.

  • For Jan Siwanowicz, mathematics has been a life-long passion, not that he’s lived that long, but he started young. His mother had been a math teacher in Poland, where he came from. As a student at Cardozo High School in Queens, Jan won a bronze medal for Poland in the 1994 International Math Olympiad in Hong Kong. He was also a member of the New York City Math team that won a national championship. Last year the City College math whiz won one of the most esteemed contests open to undergraduates, a William Lowell Putnam Fellowship.
  • Step aside Alice, here comes Maxine, whose adventures from Antarctica to Africa are made possible through a magical moon ring. The Moon Ring is a new children’s book written and illustrated by “City Tech” graduate Randy Du Burke. Du Burke wanted to create a book that portrayed a black family in a positive light and give children a black heroine they can look up to. A successful comic book illustrator, Du Burke has a lot of experience drawing strong, courageous characters.
  • Although Adolfo Carrion has dedicated his public service to the Bronx, he did leave it at least once, to study at Hunter College’s Department of Urban Planning. Elected Bronx Borough President in 2001, it seemed a natural succession. Carrion had grown up in the borough and taught school there. He worked as a city planner and a district manager of Community Board 5 and he served as City Councilman from the Bronx.
  • Samuel Daniel always dreamed of becoming a physician, but it was a long road from the island of Antigua to North General Hospital in Harlem where he is now president and chief executive officer. He credits his mentors at Queens College with helping pave the way into Columbia University’s prestigious medical school. New York magazine cited Daniel as one of the 100 best doctors in the city in the year 2000.

“Study With the Best” is the first television series devoted to opportunities in higher education. The show appears every Sunday at 8 on Channel 75. Streaming video excerpts are also featured on www.cuny.edu, the University web site.