“Study With the Best” CUNY-TV’s Fast-Paced Magazine Show Features Women Passionate About Success

This week’s installment of “Study With the Best” highlights women and their passion for success:

  • The incredible balancing act of Patricia Fraticelli, honors student, student government president and devoted mother of three children who is starting her budding public service career con brio at Bronx Community College.
  • Award-winning TV investigative reporter Barbara Nevins-Taylor, whose successful career in television news began as a CCNY student.
  • The bright and beautiful Kazlowska sisters who are getting a head start on their future at Ft. Hamilton High School through enriched “College Now” college level courses.
  • Prominent novelist Elizabeth Nuñez, Distinguished Professor of English who founded the internationally recognized Black Writers Conference at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn.

“Study with the Best,” CUNY-TV’s new fast-paced magazine show, features these and other segments in the second episode of the series. The show appears every Sunday at 8 on Channel 75.

Using eye-popping cross-cuts, funky camera angles, and chart-topping music tracks, senior producer and writer Prof. Linda Prout and on-air student co-hosts Tomiko Karino and Zyphus Lebrun, (all from City College’s journalism program and media and communications arts department) have again packed their 26 minutes of air-time with a borough-hopping itinerary.

This is the first television series devoted to opportunities for higher education. Excerpts from the TV show are featured on the CUNY website (www.cuny.edu).