National Physics Organization Honors Hunter’s Godfrey Gumbs

Godfrey Gumb, one of Hunter’s most widely cited scientific researchers, just received two honors from the American Physical Society (APS), the main professional organization in physics. Gumbs, whose honors include an endowed professorship at Hunter–he is the Maria A. Chianta and Alice M. Stoll Professor of Physics–has been named a Fellow of APS and the recipient of the Society’s 2005 Edward A. Bouchet Award. He is also a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Physics of the United Kingdom.

Gumbs was elected to Fellowship–which is granted to only one half of one percent of the APS membership–for his seminal contributions to the understanding of several properties of semiconductors and of mathematical arrangements related to semiconductors. Much of this work was done at Hunter. He received the Bouchet Award for his “pioneering contributions to the understanding of [different types of semiconductors]…and for leadership in recruitment, retention, and mentoring of underrepresented minority students.” The Bouchet Award will be presented at a special session of the March meeting of APS in Los Angeles. As the Bouchet awardee, Gumbs will also lecture at several colleges in the coming year.