City Tech’s 3rd Annual Poster Session Showcases 54 Faculty/Student Research Projects

Brooklyn, NY — More than 200 faculty, students and other guests participated in New York City College of Technology’s (City Tech) 3rd Annual Poster Session for Faculty & Students, which was planned and coordinated by a committee of 15 faculty members chaired by Physics Professor Roman Kezerashvili.

A well-attended panel discussion looked at College plans to continue building support for research, scholarship and creative work. Provost Bonne August chaired the discussion, which included panelists Barbara Burke (Grants & Contracts), Sunghoon Jang (Electrical/Telecommunications Technology), Julia Jordan (School of Professional Studies), Nona Smith (Division of Continuing Education/Access for Women) and Peter Spellane (Chemistry/Physical & Biological Sciences).

While City Tech long has been recognized for the excellence of its teaching, less visible has been the research efforts of City Tech faculty. Many of these efforts were reflected in the poster session’s 54 presentations and in the premier issue of City Tech Journal of Faculty & Student Research. The journal includes extended abstracts representing summaries of published works or status reports on ongoing research. These projects show the vitality of the City Tech faculty and the fertile outcomes of joint research activities that often bring together faculty and students.

City Tech Journal of Faculty & Student Research reminds us that our world is changing at lightening speed. World population has doubled in the last 40 years and, for the first time in recent memory, discussions of global pandemics are more than science fiction. Biotechnology, robotics and instantaneous ubiquitous communications promise near-breathtaking revolutions in methods of production and distribution worldwide. Indeed, we live in times that are both perilous and promising — times that demand research in new and emerging technologies and the systems through which their products are delivered. The research of City Tech faculty and students will play a significant role in meeting this need.


Humanities and Social Sciences

* Richard E. Hanley, “The Story of a New Discipline: A Journal, a Book Series and an Academic Program”

* Costas Panayotakis, “Capitalism, Scarcity and Time”

* Carrol Lasker, “Telling Memory, Telling Resistance: Voices of Contemporary Black South African Women”

* Heidi Chavac-Ortiz, “A One-Stop Center at City Tech”

* Jose A. Ortiz, ” Bed and Breakfast in Brooklyn”

* Martin Garfinkle, “The Jewish Community of Washington D.C.”

* Marissa J. Moran, “Law and Writing”

* Kyle Cuordileone, “Manhood and American Political Culture in the Cold War”

* Nivedita Majumdar, “The Other Side of Terror: An Anthology of Writings on Terrorism in South Asia”


* Brian Keener, “Updike’s Human Comedy: Comic Morality in The Centaur and the Rabbit Novels”

* Jane Mushabac, “Being a Writer: Writing about Men, the Coordinates of Gender and Place

* Stephanie Smolinsky, “Phonetic Yin and Yang: Sound-patterns and Meaning in Two Contrasting Lyrics by Wallace Stevens”

* Mark Noonan, “The Place Where We Dwell: Reading and Writing About New York City”

* Annette Saddik, “Contemporary American Drama”

Health Sciences

* Roberta Cavendish, Lynda Konecny, Linda Naradovy and Pearline Okumakpeyi, “Patients’ Perceptions of Spirituality and the Nurse as a Provider of Spiritual Care”

* Angela Sammarco and Lynda M. Konecny, “Social Support, Uncertainty and Quality of Life Among Hispanic — American Breast Cancer Survivors — an Extension Study”

* Gwen Cohen Brown, “Oral Manifestations of HIV Disease within the Incarcerated Geriatric Population: Considerations for the Correctional Provider”


* V.S. Boyko, Siu-Wai Chan, Manoj Chopra, R.L. Meng and C.W. Chu, “Microstructure Design by Twinning in High-Temperature Superconductor for Enhanced Current at High Magnetic Fields”

* V.S. Boyko, S. Bhaskaran and O.White, “The O-Vacancies Compositional Stripes Formation in High-Temperature Superconductor”

* Xiangdong Li, “Simulation of Pentaquark Structure Model”

* Ariyeh H. Maller, “Studying the Formation Mechanisms of Galaxies”

* X. Tian, Y. Su, W. Hu, L. Leng, P. Hu, H. He and Y. Dong, “Precise In-Band OSNR and Spectrum Monitoring Using High-Resolution Swept Coherent Detection”

* Reginald Blake and Emmanuel Alabre, “An Inter-Comparison Study to Evaluate the Discrepancy in the Measurement of Air Temperature

* Gregory L. Matloff and C Bangs, “A Holographic Interstellar Message Plaque: Art or Science?”

* Roman Kezerashvili, “Violation of Chiral Symmetry in Pion Double Charge Exchange Reaction”


* Gerald Antoine and Pamela Brown, “Crystallization in the Metastable Region”

* Mary Chan and Peter Spellane, “Porphyrins and Conductive Polymers”

* J. Cho, J. Mazo and S. Tewani, “Applications of Nanotechnology”


* Steve Arnold, Vasily Kolchenko and Mayumi Noto, “Optical Biosensor for Protein Molecular Weight Detection”

* Isaac Barjis and Idline Ausutin, “Modeling of DNA Transcription and Gene Regulation using Petri Nets”

* Niloufar Haque, M. Badruzzaman Khan, Punam Thakkar, Tauheed Ishrat, Nasrul Hoda, Abdusalem El-Idrissi and Fakhrul Islam, “Peroxidative Damage in the Brain of Streptozotocin Induced Lesions in Mouse”

* Niloufar Haque, M. Badruzzaman Khan, Tauheed Ishrat, Nasrul Hoda and
Fakhrul Islam, “Streptozotacin Induced Lesions in Mouse Brain: Behavioral Studies”

* Laina Karthikeyan, Manuela Flad, Margit Engel, Birgit Meyer-Puttlitz, Richard U. Margolis and Renée K. Margolis, “Immunocytochemical and in Situ Hybridization Studies of the Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan, Glypican, in Nervous Tissue”

* Isaac Barjis and Ali-Sabel Fakhreldin, “Simulation of Molecular Processes: Mitosis and Meiosis”

* Walied Samarrai, “Adaptive Evolution under Adverse Conditions in Bacillus Subtilis”

Computer Sciences

* Hong Li, “Estimation of Oil Saturation Using Neural Network”

* Candido Cabo, Penelope A. Boyden and Andrew L. Wit, “Redistribution of Cx43 Along the Lateral Membrane Increases Transverse Conduction Velocity and Cell-to-Cell Coupling: A Computational Study”

* Tatiana Malyuta, “Support of Imprecise Data in Object-Relational Databases”

* Xiangdong Li, “How to Secure Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) Wi-Fi Network?”

Electrical Engineering Technology

* Djafar K. Mynbaev, “GMPLS — New Approach to Developing Next-Generation IP-over-WDM Networks”

* Djafar K. Mynbaev and Karim Ech-Chahid, “Internet Protocol over DWDM”

* Mohammad Razani, “Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture Under Vegetation Cover”

* Djafar K. Mynbaev, “Globalization of Telecommunications”


* Hans Schoutens, “Equations Defining a Spatial Curve”

* Zhao Chen, “A Ring Isomorphism of a Linear Space”

* Nadia Benakli, “Boundaries of Hyperbolic Groups”

* Alexander Rozenblyum, “Representations of the 4-Dimensional Quantum Rotation Group and Discrete Orthogonal Polynomials”

* Ezra Halleck, “Variations of the n-Queens Problem”

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