LaGuardia Community College’s Liberty Partnership Program Receives a $10,000 Citigroup Grant

Long Island City, NY–LaGuardia Community College’s Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) received a $10,000 grant from the Citigroup Employee Community Fund to run a leadership-training program for at-risk youngsters.

LPP, which for the past 17 years has provided at-risk students with the services needed to improve their chances of completing high school, will conduct a three-day training program for 36 high school students at the Ramapo for Children in Rhinebeck, New York. Ramapo, a not-for-profit organization, serves special needs and at-risk children from childhood through early adolescence.

At the “Ramapo for Children Challenge and Adventure” project, which will take place during the spring break in April, students will participate in an array of outdoor activities that include hiking, climbing, canoeing as well as high and low ropes and games and initiatives. They will also attend training workshops in ways to better deal with their day-to-day experiences.

“By combining the experiential training and the workshops, the students will gain valuable life skills,” said Dr. Sean Galvin, director of the Liberty Partnership Program. “They will not only build their physical selves and have fun, but they will learn specific intellectual strategies to control their own destinies, to effectively communicate their needs with colleagues and adults alike, and to achieve long-term goals such as completing high school, going to college, or joining the workforce.”

The Citigroup Employee Community Fund was established by Citibank employees in 1998 as a charitable giving program funded with contributions from employees and the Citigroup Foundation. To date, over $2.3 million has been awarded through the fund. This year, the Liberty Partnership Program was among 40 non-profit organizations to share $400,000 in grant money.