Hunter Social Work Professor Abramovitz Named Educator of the Year

Hunter Social Work School Professor Mimi Abramovitz has been named “Educator of the Year” (2006) by the NYS Social Work Education Association. This honor was conferred upon Abramovitz for her significant contributions to the field of social work and for her outstanding leadership on behalf of the social work education community.

“I am deeply honored and flattered to have been recognized by my colleagues for my work as an educator, scholar, and activist,” said Abramovitz.

The award was presented at a conference, themed “The Battle for Human Rights: Social Work in the Trenches,” in which Abramovitz delivered the keynote address on “The Welfare State: A Battlefield for Human Rights.”

Abramovitz, who has been teaching at the School of Social Work for 25 years, is committed to achieving social justice by undoing racism, promoting community well-being, and advancing social welfare policy that addresses the needs of low-income women. The work she has done as an educator means a great deal to her, and this honor is one she is particularly proud to receive.

“It is an especially great privilege to teach at the Hunter School of Social Work where support for [my] goals by the administration, faculty, staff, and students has contributed to the award I received. I am especially proud to be part of a team that educates the future social workers of New York City.”