Democracy Now Host Amy Goodman Receives Aronson Career Achievement Award for Social Justice Journalism from Hunter College

Democracy Now! radio broadcaster and columnist Amy Goodman, and other winners of Hunter College’s 2006 James Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism, have been named and will be honored during a ceremony open to the public on Tuesday, April 17 at 5:00pm, in the Faculty Dining Room located on the Eighth Floor, Hunter College West Building, 68th Street and Lexington Avenue.

The awards are named after James Aronson, who was a longtime distinguished Hunter College professor of journalism, and a founder and editor of the newsweekly The National Guardian.

The event will feature a keynote introduction by Village Voice “watch dog” reporter Tom Robbins. Robbins is currently the Jack Newfield Visiting Professor of Journalism at Hunter College.

Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman will receive a Career Achievement award for her distinguished career investigating and reporting on injustices that include giving a “voice to the silenced.” Her reporting spans multiple media formats — radio, television, Internet, and podcasting — and she has moved into print as a syndicated columnist for King Features.

2006 James Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism also go to:

Corine Hegland, National Journal, “Guantanamo’s Grip,” for her investigative reporting using court documents to discover the backgrounds and identities of almost 500 detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Judy Pasternak, Los Angeles Times, “Blighted Homeland,” for her four-part series on the plight of Native Americans whose lands were mined to build the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and who now live in homes built with radioactive uranium mine waste.

Julia Whitty, Mother Jones, “The Fate of the Ocean,” for her exhaustive research and compelling personal accounts of the dangers facing the world’s oceans including overfishing, noise pollution, and floating plastics.

Reporter Tim Collie, and photographers Mike Stocker & Jim Amon, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “Orphans of AIDS,” for their five-year effort examining the AIDS crisis in South Florida and the Caribbean, noting that Haiti lacks a single dollar to fund AIDS programs.

John Sheffius, cartoonist with the Boulder Daily Camera, won the 2006 “Cartooning with a Conscience” award for his work that more often than not evokes a shocked gasp rather than a chuckle.

The Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism have been administered since 1990 by the Hunter College Department of Film & Media Studies and a committee of journalists, media professionals, scholars and activists.