Brooklyn College Presents May 7 Conference ‘Imagining Brooklyn’ And Evening Interview With Frank McCourt

Brooklyn, NY — Part II of “Imagining Brooklyn,” a conference series exploring Brooklyn’s identity in an era of rapid change, will take place at Brooklyn College on May 7 with a focus on Brooklynites’ penchant for nostalgia.

The conferences are paired with the ongoing “Brooklyn on My Mind” radio series – in which WNYC host Leonard Lopate interviews prominent writers with a Brooklyn connection.

The May 7 conference, “Imagining Brooklyn: Memory and Amnesia,” will be held in the Brooklyn College Student Center from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Panelists include experts in Brooklyn’s history, its food and, of course, the Dodgers – or at least on how the fabled team is remembered. The program resumes at 7 p.m. in Whitman Auditorium where Leonard Lopate leads “A Frank Conversation” with the memoirist Frank McCourt.

The conference program includes a short film, “Brooklyn: Among the Ruins,” followed by a discussion with Suzanne Wasserman, director of The Gotham Center for New York City History.

Presentations at the first panel discussion, “Imagining Brooklyn: Memory,” include: Craig Steven Wilder, Department of History, Dartmouth, “‘The High’: A Social Biography of a School”; Jocelyn Wills, Department of History, Brooklyn College, “Struggling Upward without Luke Larkin: Re-examining Upward Mobility in 19th-Century Brooklyn”; and Philip Napoli, Department of History, Brooklyn College, “Brooklyn’s Vietnam Veterans Remember.”

The presentations at the afternoon’s second panel, “Imagining Brooklyn: Amnesia,” include: Annie Hauck-Lawson, Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences, Brooklyn College, “My Little Town: A Brooklyn Girl’s Food Voice”; Peter Schulman, French and International Studies, Old Dominion University, “Remembering Next Year: The Brooklyn Dodgers as Lieu de Memoire”; and Gunja Sengupta, Department of History, Brooklyn College, “Brooklyn Pasts: Interpreting Brooklyn History.”

Tickets for the “Brooklyn on My Mind” events in Whitman Auditorium are $5. The “Imagining Brooklyn” conference is free. For information, call 718-951-5852 or email Information is also available on the Web at

Sponsors of “Brooklyn on My Mind” include The Ethyl R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities, Flatbush Development Corporation, Poets & Writers, Inc., and The Center for the Study of Brooklyn. “Imagining Brooklyn” is sponsored by The Center for the Study of Brooklyn, The Ethyl R.Wolfe Institute for the Humanities and the Brooklyn Studies Project @ Brooklyn College.