Lehman College Creates Tech Memorial Quilt

BRONX, NY, To commemorate the tragic loss of life that occurred in the April 16 shootings at Virginia Tech, the Lehman College community has joined together in a gesture of support and solidarity to create a ‘Tech Memorial Quilt.’

Tables were set up around the campus, where students, faculty and staff stopped by to work on individual six-inch by six-inch patches for the quilt. The individual squares display words, symbols and decorations designed to offer comfort and sympathy to the Virginia Tech community.

After collecting approximately 100 squares, Amanda DuBois, the College’s coordinator for Community Service/Service Learning, worked with student volunteers to sew the squares together. The final product is a quilt measuring approximately eight feet by three feet.

Lara Tosin, one of the many students who worked on the quilt, said, “There is just so much to say to the Virginia Tech community, I wouldn’t know where to start. This quilt symbolizes something you can rest on. We send them our love.” Another student, Traci Palmieri, summed up the meaning of the project: “Even though it happened there, it affected all of us.”

The finished quilt will be on display Monday, May 7, and will then be sent to Virginia Tech.


Contact: Marge Rice / 718-960-4992