CCNY Advertising/PR Majors Sal Lombardo And Morgan Schreiber Win ‘One Show’ Client Pitch Competition

NEW YORK, May 18, 2007 — Sal Lombardo and Morgan Schreiber, seniors majoring in advertising and public relations at The City College of New York (CCNY), were awarded first prize in the One Show Client Pitch Competition. The CCNY team bested 11 other entrants from such schools as University of Texas, Southern Methodist University and VCU Adcenter, to earn the $2,000 first prize. The judging was held May 10 in New York.

“The One Show is the equivalent to the Oscars in the world of student advertising competitions,” said Professor Lynn Appelbaum, Director of CCNY’s Advertising and Public Relations program. “This will put our program on the radar screen of the advertising world in a whole new way.”

Unlike the One Show College Competition, which is judged solely on creative excellence and ideas, the Client Pitch Competition winner is selected on the ability to create and articulate a focused strategy as well as the persuasiveness of the pitch. All entrants developed a strategy based on a brief sponsored by the Natural Resource Defense Council, an environmental action organization, whose Director of Media Relations was one of the judges, along with creative professionals from four agencies.

The City College team focused on the world of fashion to develop their strategic message of hope, personal responsibility and concrete solutions. Recognizing the role that fashion plays in peoples’ lives, both as a reflection of what is going on in society and as an expression of individuality, they came up with “Design a Better Future,” a campaign that explored how fashion would react if the environment were to be severely degraded.

“We won because we took a risk,” said Ms. Schreiber, a Cleveland native who currently interns at Serino Coyne, a midtown Manhattan advertising agency. “We were extra creative and did not approach the environment in a doom and gloom way.”

The campaign consisted of three magazine ads that deployed fashion icons to illustrate how toxic shock might become fashion chic: a gas mask in a Louis Vuitton motif, a Gucci print Hazmat suit and an industrial-grade rubber glove bedecked with a jeweled Chanel bracelet. The presentation also integrated original ideas for a Fashion Week tie-in, an eco-awareness necklace as well as a live website,

“After our presentation, the client came up to us and told us everything we presented was right on target with where NRDC needs to go,” added Mr. Lombardo, a Monterrey, Calif., native. “It was exciting to see we can connect to the consumer without using a politically charged message.”

According to Nancy Tag, Assistant Professor of Advertising, who mentored the winning team, Sal and Morgan brought an incredible amount of energy and focus to the project. “When (Sal) and Morgan partnered, it was great. They did a lot of brainstorming and came in with new ideas on a daily basis. Their enthusiasm and tenacity got them to this point. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

She added that their presentation showed a real flair for both strategy and execution, which “represents what we try to do in the program. It really relates to what is going on in the marketing communications environment today. You need to be strategically grounded and conceptually founded, and that is what our program is all about.”

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