Cuban Exile, Professor and Author Dr. Olga Karman is Interviewed in Queensborough’s Virtual Journal Revista Virtual de Cultura Iberoamericana

When Olga Karman came to speak at Queensborough Community College in November of 2006, the College’s President, Dr. Eduardo J. Marti felt an immediate connection. Dr. Karman’s memoir, Scatter My Ashes Over Havana is a story of Cuban exile and immigration to the United States, and the search for identity in a new land.

“At times, a confluence of events causes two distinct and separate lives to intertwine,” says Dr. Marti in Queensborough’s on-line Revista Virtual de Cultura Iberoamericana. “The autobiography written by Olga Karman proves that Cuban exiles living in the United States have had similar experiences.”

Dr. Karman’s lecture was sponsored by Queensborough Community College’s Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning and The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. An interview with her, with comments by Dr. Marti, is featured in Revista Virtual de Cultura Iberoamericana (The Virtual Journal of Iberoamerican Culture), a literary/cultural on-line journal produced by the faculty of the Foreign Languages and Literatures department.

Revista Virtual de Cultura Iberoamericana publishes literary, artistic and informative work on the Queensborough website reflecting Iberoamerican culture in all its dimensions. It is published under the directorship of Dr. Laura Sabani, and co-edited by Dr. Julia Ortiz-Griffin, Dr. Juan Carlos Esturo and Dr. Lorena Ellis. The virtual journal also enjoys the support and collaboration of three honorary editors, renowned Spanish American writers who reside in the United States: Dr. Javier Campos of Fairfield University, Dr. Isaac Goldemberg and Dr. Alfredo Villanueva, both of Hostos Community College/CUNY.

Entrevistas, one of the sections of the virtual journal, highlights interviews with individuals who present different aspects of Iberoamerican culture. Along with the interview with Olga Karman, Entrevistas features Queensborough Spanish Professor Dr. Jose Luis Madrigal and Sonia Fritz, documentarian and professor at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in Puerto Rico.

Revista Virtual de Cultura Iberoamericana invites contributions in the form of essays in Spanish, Portuguese or English centering on an Iberoamerican theme, as well as short stories and poems written in Spanish or Portuguese regardless of theme.

For more information, view Revista Virtual de Cultura Iberoamericana (The Virtual Journal of Iberoamerican Culture) at or call the The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at 718-631-6259.