Hunter Alumnus Arlie Petters ’86 Featured on NOVA

Hunter alumnus Arlie Petters (’86) — who has gone on to become one of the premiere scientists in his field of physics and mathematics — will be profiled on national television July 24 by the PBS show NOVA scienceNOW.

The broadcast tells the story of Dr. Petters’ long journey as a poor kid from his homeland of Belize to Hunter College, where he first attracted the attention of the head of a scholarship program for minorities interested in science. He went on to earn a doctorate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Petters is now a highly-acclaimed professor of mathematics and physics at Duke University. A book he wrote about gravitational lensing is considered a tour de force in mathematical physics – and he has been hailed as a founder of mathematical astronomy.

In telling the story of Dr. Petters’ amazing career, the PBS show also talks about how he has never forgotten his humble origins and continues to help and inspire others back home in Belize – working to educate disadvantaged children there.

The show airs at 8 p.m. on PBS.