York College Fall Freshman Class the Largest

York College (http://www.york.cuny.edu) is making a decided contribution to The City University of New York’s (CUNY’s) record high fall enrollment this year. The 1,017 entering freshmen who have hit the campus running is the largest class of first-timers since 1996. Overall enrollment is up 7.9% and full-time enrollment is up 12%. The increase for first-time freshmen over last year is 47%. The number of transfer students is up 18%.

What attracts them is the unique array of courses of study like the aviation bachelor’s of science degree program. York College offers the only one in the CUNY system. Students will complete a program of study that emphasizes business, policy, and the operations of key areas within aviation, including security, air safety, and airport planning. Triant Flouris, Ph.D., who has distinguished himself in the field of aviation as both an academic and experienced commercial pilot and certified flight instructor, has joined the York College faculty as the director of the Aviation Institute.

In this freshman class are 129 Merit Scholarship recipients. Their transcripts indicate that 67% of the scholars have averages that range from 80-84.9; 24% from 85-89.9; and 9% are 90+. They hail from Queens (66), Brooklyn (32), the Bronx (8), Manhattan (5), Nassau/Suffolk (17) and Westchester (1).

“York College’s reputation among high schools in the New York metropolitan area is undergoing a sea change,” is how President Marcia V. Keizs describes the achievement. “Our strategy to attract the best and the brightest is bearing fruit and that’s reflected in these enrollment numbers.”