Two Hunter Students Receive Women’s Forum Award

Two Hunter College students, who overcame great odds to succeed, have been named as recipients of the Women’s Forum Education Award.

Hong Xin – a senior studying film and creative writing – came to the U.S. for asylum after facing political oppression as a published writer, a poet and an accountant in China. “I want to make documentaries about people in disadvantaged societies we don’t often see,” she says, “and feature films telling simple stories about the pain and vulnerability in people’s lives and the hope and joy that still remains.”

Lei Yu – a senior studying eastern religions – came to the U.S. at the age of 25, learned English and supported herself and her family in China for ten years before she could afford college. “I realized that for a woman with no special connections, China of the 1990s still offered limited opportunity,” she says. “I could get married and be supported by a husband or I could work in a factory.”

The Education Fund of Women’s Forum, Inc. provides annual awards to mature women of need in New York City who have exhibited extraordinary and often heroic efforts in overcoming adversity to pursue a college education.