KCC Athletic Awards Dinner Honors Athletes

On the evening of May 30, KCC athletes and their supporters gathered in the MAC Rotunda for an evening of celebration— an evening that honored the athletes and celebrated a year of outstanding athletic achievement.
KCC athletes had a stellar year. The outdoor track and field team won sixth place in the National Junior College Athletic Association ( NJCAA) Championships and the college’s head coach, Dave Loobie, was named coach of the year.
KCC’s 11 coaches delighted in describing their respective teams and presenting them with their well-deserved trophies.
President Regina Peruggi congratulated the student athletes and encouraged them to continue to give their best , noting that the college is extremely proud of their athletic representation.
The coaches and athletes extended their special thanks to President Peruggi and Dean Toback for their continued support of the athletes, indicating that their support and encouragement have had a direct impact on many of their accomplishments during the year.
The athletic awards dinner was dedicated to faculty, staff, students and families of Virginia Tech. All in attendance signed a KCC banner which was forwarded to Charles Steger, president of Virginia Tech. In his response, he said, “We sincerely thank you for the kind message of care and concern you sent us. These have lifted our spirits and greatly aided us in the dark days surrounding this tragic event.”

Contact: Ruby Ryles