BMCC is Proud to be a Member of CUNY’s Teacher Academy

The Teacher Academy’s aim is to work with students like you – students who love science and mathematics and who want to make a difference. Great teachers have a passion for their subjects. Great teachers also study with exceptional teachers – observing, understanding how students learn, and finally working with mentors who guide them.

This is the basis of The Teacher Academy, where students become mathematicians and scientists, and learn how to bring to their own students the same satisfaction they have gained in unlocking the wonders of these fields.

In addition to BMCC, the Teacher Academy is located on eight other CUNY campuses – Brooklyn College, The City College, College of Staten Island, Hunter College, Lehman College, Queens College, York College, and Hostos Community College.

BMCC’s Teacher Academy program allows students to complete their first two years of study at BMCC majoring in biology, chemistry or mathematics. Teacher Academy students then transfer to The City College of New York (CCNY) as juniors to complete their final two years of study– ultimately graduating and completing the certification requirements for a full-time teaching position in New York City.

Why become a NYC mathematics or science teacher?
A chronic shortage of qualified mathematics and science teachers has created national competition for such educators. The competition has forced NYC to strengthen its recruitment efforts. The city needs hundreds of mathematics and science teachers “simply to fill routine vacancies created by retirements, sabbaticals, leaves of absence and attrition.” To attract new teachers and keep others from leaving, NYC has several special recruitment and certification programs, and offers competitive salaries and other benefits that include housing subsidies.

Why become a Teacher Academy student at BMCC?

* Financial support for eligible students
* Possible scholarship funding from the BMCC foundation
* A summer program with classes, tutoring and field trips
* A cadre of special tutors to assist students in all subjects year-round
* Teaching assistantships at BMCC and internships at middle and high schools
* The opportunity to study and conduct research with outstanding faculty in mathematics and science
* A chance to be part of a “college within the college”—with networking opportunities with peers as well as fellow Teacher Academy students at eight other campuses
* Eligibility for a full-time teaching position in a NYC public school after successful completion of the CCNY Teacher Academy program

To learn more go to: Teacher Academy’s web site