Chancellor Goldstein’s Statement on the 2008-2009 Executive Budget

“The 2008-2009 New York State Executive Budget for The City University of New York represents an important start to the budget deliberation process. Expectations are high, given the release last month of the preliminary report of The New York State Commission on Higher Education. The Commission unanimously concluded that New York has fallen significantly behind in its support in several key areas-including operating and capital funding- putting at risk the State’s competitiveness nationally and internationally in rapidly changing economic circumstances.

“The Commission recognized that the infusion of new revenues is vital to the ability of New York’s two public university systems, CUNY and SUNY, to leverage philanthropy, implement their State-approved master plan priorities, meet the educational needs of the citizenry and the workforce demands of business and industry.

“We are reviewing the details of the proposed budget with those vital elements of fiscal stability and growth in mind, from the recommended challenges to the senior and community college operating budgets to the multi-year capital construction and rehabilitation plan. We look forward to working closely with the Governor, the State Assembly, and the State Senate to address these challenges and to further enhance CUNY’s role in providing the pathway for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to upward educational, economic, and social mobility.”