York College Theatre announces the opening of its first production for the Spring 2008 season–Jean-Paul Sartre’s, No Exit.
“Hell is other people!” says Garcin, a leading character in No Exit. Originally titled Huis Clos (Behind Closed Doors), the play is about three people who are in “Hell” expecting to find red-hot pokers and torture devices as in Dante’s Inferno version of Hell. As disturbing stories of murder, infidelity and cowardice spill out, these three strangers learn that they are each other’s torturers.

Jean Paul Sartre, the originator of Existentialism, the 20th century philosophical movement founded on the belief that individuals create the meaning of their own lives, wrote this short play during the Nazi Occupation of Paris in 1944. The play reveals his philosophy as well as the difficulties of living under a totalitarian regime. Sartre was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for literature in 1964 for his works.

The cast of No Exit features York College students: Devon Phillips (Brooklyn) as the Bell Boy, Staci Ismael (Valley Stream) as Estelle, Stephanie Ogeleza (Queens Village) as Inez, and York College graduate, Arsen Khaimov (Ozone Park) as Garcin.

The performance is directed by Professor Sarah Schilling with Sets by Professor Timothy J. Amrhein, built by York College students under the direction of CLT Robert Barnes. Lighting by guest designer Alison Cherry and costumes by guest designer Brittany Jones-Pugh

NO EXIT opens Friday, March 28 at 4PM, and runs Saturday, March 29, at 8PM, Sunday, March 30, at 3PM, and Tuesday, April 01, at 12 noon in the intimate, 156-seat York College Little Theatre in the Performing Arts Center (94-45 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11451). All tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased at the door or ahead of time beginning Monday, March 10, 2008 between 3PM and 6PM M-F at the Performing Arts Center box Office. For more information, call the York College Performing Art Center (718) 262-3750, or visit York’s website (