“Project Demonstrating Most Innovative Use of Technology” Award to Virtual Enterprise by Center for Digital Government

The Center for Digital Government recently notified CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise, located at Kingsborough, that it is the winner of the 2008 Best of New York Award for the project demonstrating the most innovative use of technology.
Dr. Stuart Schulman, executive director of CUNY Kingsborough’s Institute for Virtual Enterprise and Kingsborough’s Center for Workforce Development; Edgar Troudt, technology director and Christoph Winkler, associate director, will travel to Albany to attend the ceremony and accept the award on March 19. The ceremony, at the Marriott in Albany, will be hosted by Cathilea Robinett, executive director of the Center for Digital Government.
The project demonstrating most innovative use of technology award is determined based on new and emerging technologies deployed in an organization or an existing technology utilized in an innovative manner. Nominations were required to demonstrate, with measurable results, that the innovations produced significant improvements in their organizations.
The CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise is a university-wide institute committed to the development of students in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, and sustainable practices. It engages students and community members in the Greater New York Metropolitan area in credit-bearing courses and other activities, as well as packaging these initiatives for national dissemination. The Institute’s centerpiece is Virtual Enterprise (VE), a technology-driven simulation that has participants design, operate and manage a business that trades in a global network of more than 4,000 virtual firms in 40 distinct countries.
VE-IT is a National Science Foundation-funded extension of the curriculum into the world of Information Technology Businesses. It engages the students in an exciting way that boosts interest in the science of technology. Preliminary studies have shown a higher retention rate for students who have taken a VE- IT course during their academic career. The VE-IT curriculum and the MarketMaker technology platform, which powers the global virtual economy, are the innovations cited in this award.


The Institute for Virtual Enterprise also recently announced that the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship had awarded it the honor of being the best entrepreneurship course of the year.
“The college community joins me in extending heartfelt congratulations to the Institute for Virtual Enterprise on receiving this honor in recognition of its demonstration of excellence,” said Dr. Regina Peruggi, Kingsborough president.


At the invitation of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture, Christoph Winkler will represent Kingsborough’s Institute for Virtual Enterprise at the Entrepreneurial Spirit 2008 Symposium in Linz, Austria on March 11-12, 2008. The focus of this symposium will be a discussion about best practices in the field of entrepreneurship education. Mr. Winkler will give a plenary presentation to share the work of the Institute for Virtual Enterprise, as well as a workshop with Austrian and Eastern European colleagues to discuss contemporary approaches and applications within the field of entrepreneurship education.