Dr. Lisa Rainwater, policy director for Riverkeeper, and Reverend Patricia Ackerman of the Garrison Institute are Keynote Speakers

Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn’s only community college, today announced that it will host its third annual Eco-Festival, April 8-10, 2007. The theme for Eco-Festival 2008 is “grassroots environmental action.”

The festival is designed to provide a unique opportunity for students, faculty, staff and members of the community to gather together, under a common banner, and engage in a dialogue centered on the environmental problems and challenges faced globally at the dawn of the twenty-first century. Eco-Festival will be held in the college’s MAC Rotunda and other locations to be announced. The college is located at 2001 Oriental Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. The three-day event is free and open to the public.

“We are pleased to present our third Eco-Festival at Kingsborough. The festival is a wonderful opportunity to increase public awareness and inspire meaningful action regarding the serious environmental problems we face as a society,” said Dr. Regina Peruggi, president of Kingsborough Community College. “An environmentally centered dialogue among students, faculty, environmental experts and members of the community is fundamental to changing our environmental course.”

Eco-Festival’s keynote speakers are Dr. Lisa Rainwater, policy director for Riverkeeper and Reverend Patricia Ackerman, program coordinator at the Garrison Institute.

The goals of Eco-Festival are to raise ecological literacy, foster global citizenship, promote meaningful dialogue about environmental issues and inspire environmental action and stewardship.

About Kingsborough Community College:

Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn’s only community college, is located on a 70-acre campus in Manhattan Beach, on the southern tip of Brooklyn. The breathtaking campus overlooks three bodies of water: Sheepshead Bay, Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It serves approximately thirty thousand students per year, offering a wide range of credit and non-credit courses in the liberal arts, career education, and specialized programs.

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