Athletics Featured on Popular WNYE-FM (91.5) High School Sports Program ‘On The Sidelines’ with Vinny Aceto

The Baruch College Athletic Department with student athlete Michele Runko (women’s basketball & softball), alum Jessenia Marrero (Women’s Basketball) and sports information director John Neves were special guests of the program “On The Sidelines” hosted by Vinny Aceto on WNYE (91.5 FM).

The interview was taped Wednesday morning, and will air this Friday afternoon at 1:00 pm throughout the metropolitan area.

The topic of the show was how various student-athletes from the Public School Athletic League (P.S.A.L.) have made the successful transition from high school to NCAA college athletics.

For Jessenia Marrero, Baruch’s second all-time leading scorer in women’s basketball, she discussed her experiences as a former basketball player for Francis Lewis High School and Baruch College, and as the current head coach of the varsity women’s basketball team of Baruch College Campus High School (team finished 24-1 this past season, which was Jessenia’s first as head coach).

For Michele Runko, a current Baruch softball and women’s basketball player, she discussed her first year of college and the transition she had to make after playing varsity sports at Francis Lewis High School.

Michele, who hit a half court shot her senior year at Madison Square Garden in the P.S.A.L. Championship game against Murry Bergtraum, also talked about the importance of time management skills and how she balances life as a two-sport athlete while taking tough classes such as calculus.

John Neves touted the positives of NCAA Division III athletics and the entire Baruch College athletic program.

Vinny Aceto, the host of the popular high school sports program, was recently featured in the New York Times.