IRS Special Agents Train Accounting Students For Careers In Solving Financial Fraud — Crime Scene Simulations at Queens College will Involve Tax Evasion, Identity Theft, Embezzlement and a Drug Bust —

WHAT: 22 Queens College and Pace University students studying accounting will team up with IRS special agents in four different crime scene simulations to learn skills for investigating financial fraud. They will engage in mock searches, arrests and hostage situations, conduct surveillance, interview witnesses, and dig for evidence through garbage cans as they attempt to follow the money trails of an embezzling employee, a drug dealer laundering cash, a bar owner skimming profits and cases of identities stolen from gravestones for the purpose of filing false tax returns.

WHERE: Queens College, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing.
For directions, go to
Starting point of the four investigations: President’s Conference Room 2, 5th floor,
Rosenthal Library.

Simulations take place in venues on and off campus, including an underground parking lot, FitzGerald gym, science lab, Mt. Hebron cemetery, public school playground and Gino’s Pizzeria.

WHEN: Students receive their assignments from 7:30 – 8:00 am. Media who arrive afterwards and wish to follow a simulation should call either of the two cell phone numbers below.

WHO: Joseph J. Foy, Special Agent, IRS Criminal Investigation Division: 917-416-9932
John Walker, QC Accounting Professor: 917-678-6209

WHY: The “IRS Special Agent for a Day” program gives students hands-on experience and financial fraud career development training in a unique aspect of the accounting profession not typically taught in classrooms. Since this project began in 2002, over 1000 accounting students in several dozen states have participated. The U.S. government loses billions of dollars each year through financial fraud including tax evasion and money-laundering schemes.

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