New Director for Asian Research Institute

Joyce O. Moy, an attorney and the former executive director of business and community development at LaGuardia Community College, has been appointed executive director of the Asian American/Asian Research Institute of the City University of New York , Chancellor Matthew Goldstein announced.

Moy, who served as an interim executive director of the institute, succeeds founding director Dr. Thomas Tam, the first Asian member of the CUNY Board of Trustees and a highly regarded educator and community leader, who died earlier this year.

“The appointment of Executive Director Moy assures continued success for the institute,” Chancellor Goldstein said. “We are pleased that she will be continuing the great work of Dr. Tam.”

“Executive Director Moy is the ideal person to lead AAARI,” said Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Selma Botman. “Filled with ideas and enthusiasm, she will carry forward the exceptional work of those who came before her. AAARI will soar to new heights.”

We are delighted to have Joyce as our new executive director, ” said Trustee Wellington Chen. “She has the energy, the experience and the ideas to bring this organization to even greater distinction. And she has my complete support. ”

The institute, a university-wide scholarly research and resource center established in 2001, focuses on policies and issues that affect Asians and Asian-Americans. It covers Asian-American studies; East Asian studies; South Asian studies and trade and technology studies.

“Asian-Americans are a vital part of this nation, state, city and university,” said Executive Director Moy. “This community is inextricably intertwined with the global Asian communities. Building upon the foundation laid by my predecessor, Dr. Thomas Tam, we will be working toward a research agenda on Asians in America, Asia, other parts of the world and at CUNY. We hope that this research will enable us to provide policy analysis and recommendations on issues facing these Asian communities. In addition, we hope to provide professional development and research opportunities for students, faculty and staff. And we hope to support and strengthen Asian-American and Asian studies within CUNY and other activities that will empower our Asian and Asian-American communities.”

The Asian American/Asian Research Institute’ mission is to act as an intellectual and cultural center and stimulate the study of Asian people, languages, culture and countries and to bring together a community of scholars who can focus and enhance the Asian-American experience.

Its key programs include a Ford Foundation-funded Friday evening lecture series, the CUNY Asian American Film Festival, and workshops on China in the 21st Century, tai chi, Chinese calligraphy and cinema, as well was major conferences on topics as diverse as global entrepreneurship and the well-being of senior citizens.

While she was executive director of economic development and then executive director of business and community development for LaGuardia from June 2004 through February 2008, Executive Director Moy established an international business and trade program, developed and implemented a new financial literacy program and increased small-business loan placements by 22%.

She was the first Asian-American director in New York State to head a Small Business Development Center. The center, which opened at LaGuardia right after 9/11, provides one-on-one counseling to start-ups and existing businesses and offers educational seminars on entrepreneurship at all levels. Under her directorship, from 2001 to 2004, $25 million in funding and loans was secured for small-business clients and $750,000 in grant funding was administered. She developed a team able to provide services in English, Spanish, Korean and three dialects of Chinese, because she saw the need to serve the immigrant small-business community.

Executive Director Moy, of Bayside, Queens, also oversaw LaGuardia’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center. She is a member of LaGuardia Community College’ accounting and managerial studies faculty, has served on the faculty of Queens College, and has taught at CUNY School of Law and Cornell University School of Law. She has practiced law for more than 15 years, specializing in business transactions and taxation. She earned her B.A. at SUNY Stony Brook and her J.D. at Hofstra University School of Law.

Executive Director Moy’s service as interim director of the institute followed that of Dr. Nehru Cherukupall, professor of geology at Brooklyn College, who was interim director of the institute following Dr. Tam’s directorship.

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