2008 York College Graduate Obtains Permanent Position at U. S. Federal Drug Administration

The U. S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has offered a permanent position to York College graduating senior Angelo Damanti at the Northeast Regional Laboratory located on the College’s fifty-acre urban campus in Jamaica, New York. Hiring Damanti was a direct result of his participation in the York College/U.S. FDA Collaboration. These internships, available for students in scientific disciplines and for non-science majors, provide an excellent opportunity to obtain hands-on experience.

Damanti was hired as a chemistry analyst under the Student Educational Employment Program, which provides Federal employment opportunities to degree-seeking students taking at least a half-time academic course load at an accredited four-year college or university, graduate or professional school. There are only five Regional Offices for the FDA. This one is the most modern and also the largest FDA laboratory in the country except for FDA headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

The proximity of the FDA site to York College offers students and faculty a unique opportunity to engage in joint collaborative activities. In fact, this partnership was instituted in the 1980s and for more than two decades has been beneficial for the FDA and York College.

Damanti is a young man on a mission. “York is a college where professors are very involved. I always went to my professors and they always gave me extracurricular help. They emailed me. Called me. I mean those are the things that at the end make you feel special,” said Damanti. Clearly he is.