Voices of the People: The Lomax Legacy

For nearly 20 years the Alan Lomax Collection –the musicologist’s unique library, spanning 50 years of folk music and culture — was housed at the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE) at Hunter College’s MFA building on West 41st Street. Founded by Lomax in 1983, ACE’s goal was to promote every culture’s right to express and develop its distinctive heritage. The original collection, 5,000-plus hours of sound recordings, was acquired in 2004 by the Library of Congress. But Lomax’s daughter, Anna Lomax Wood, is continuing ACE’s work, digitizing the original Lomax recordings in order to share them with local libraries, artists and communities. These “dissemination and repatriation programs are in the spirit” of ACE’s mission, said Wood. “We’re making the research that Alan did available to everyone who wants it.”

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