Free College Prep Program To Hold Open House

Students who have dropped out of traditional high schools or who need additional help preparing for college are invited to visit and apply for CUNY Prep, a one-of-a-kind free program located in the Pelham Parkway area of the Bronx.

“In today’s staggeringly difficult economy, education is even more vital than ever,” says Derrick Griffith, Principal and Director of CUNY Prep. “Our unique approach to college prep changes lives.”

CUNY Prep accepts out-of-school youth between the ages of 16 and 18 for its day program, in which students work toward passing the High School Equivalency Exam and transitioning to college. CUNY Prep infuses college prep in every aspect of the program, which is offered completely free-of-charge to students. CUNY Prep also offers a night program for working adults, ages 19 and older.

“At CUNY Prep, our pass rates on the high school equivalency exam are consistently above 80% and, on average, more than 65% of our students enroll in college,” says Griffith. “We have a dynamic support team to assist students after graduation as they transition to college.”

In order to be accepted into the free program, students must pass an admissions exam and complete an orientation process. CUNY Prep is offering prospective students to the opportunity to stop in, take a tour the school and complete all needed admission requirements on Monday, December 29 and Tuesday, December 30th at 10am. Classes for the next academic cycle begin on Monday, January 5, 2009. The school is located at 2122 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10462. It is accessible from the Pelham Parkway stop of the #2 Subway, and also via the 12, 22 and 39 busses.

For more information on the open house or general questions, the public is invited to contact CUNY Prep directly at (718) 839-8862, or by email at The website is


To arrange an interview with Principal/Director Derrick Griffith or if you’d like to visit
CUNY Prep, please contact Shannon Taggart at (917) 280-4816 or