Tackling Harlem’s High Cancer Rate

Harlem surpasses the rest of the city by more than 25% in cancer deaths, according to a city Department of Health study. A new federal collaboration between City College and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center hopes to address that disparity. “Our focus is to go into the community and find out what the issues are and then try to strategize with them,” said Karen Hubbard, a City College biology professor and co-director of the Partnership for Cancer Research, Training and Community Outreach. “It’s very hard for women to go to the clinic for mammographies, even though they know they should, because they can’t take a day off from work.” Hubbard says the project, funded by a $15.9 million grant from the NIH’s National Cancer Institute, aims to educate residents about cancer screenings and choosing healthy lifestyles.

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