Supporting CUNY’s Budget Restorations

To: BMCC College Community

From: President Antonio Pérez

Re: Supporting CUNY’s Budget Restorations

The City University of New York is facing a monumental cut of $36.3 ml to the operating budget for the six community colleges in FY 2010 and a $6.8 ml reduction in the Peter F. Vallone Scholarship Program, which hundreds of BMCC students have received over the years.

In addition, CUNY needs $160 million in city matching funds to access critical campus health and safety maintenance projects.

Because Borough of Manhattan Community College is the largest CUNY community college and because the CUNY community colleges’ operating budget is solely supported by the City of New York, it is imperative that we impress upon members of the New York City Council that the budget cuts slated for CUNY will have an overwhelming negative impact on the academic and support serves provided to students.

The budget process will be over in a few weeks. I urge all BMCC constituents, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the college, to log on to and e-mail a letter to New York City Council Members in support of the $36.3 million operating budget and the $160 million capital fund of budgetary restorations to BMCC/CUNY.

Draft letters are provided on the website to help you personalize your letter. Please take the time to remind the City Council that scholarships, special programs and student support services are key elements to retention efforts on our campus.

Your immediate attention is necessary. We need to raise our voices now!


Antonio Pérez