BMCC Continues to Make a ‘Splash’

BMCC offers much more to the Tribeca community than academic programs and a campus that spans five city blocks. BMCC is also home to a competitive collegiate swimming pool that can be used by both students and residents of Tribeca.

Located on the North side of the main building, where physical fitness and exercise takes place, the pool is 25 yards long and for many years was in need of an overhaul.

On August 11th, the BMCC community was thrilled to celebrate its new, improved, eco-friendly pool with an official ribbon cutting hosted by BMCC President Antonio Pérez and Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer.

Modernizing Facilities
For years, BMCC has been working with The City University, the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to find ways to modernize BMCC’s facilities while improving energy consumption and lowering its carbon footprint.

Improving the pool’s conditions is just one of the many steps BMCC is undergoing in its go-green initiative. “In this particular case, we went to our Borough President for help because we had a long-standing need to improve the lighting in our pool and theatres,” said President Pérez at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “Our students and the Lower Manhattan community value these facilities.”

Stringer supports BMCC’s energy-efficiency program
Borough President Scott Stringer, who also spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony, not only listened to BMCC’s requests, but he actively supported BMCC’s efforts to increase energy-efficiency.

Stringer helped to provide BMCC with the much needed capital funds, more than $800,000 for the pool’s green initiative. He also provided $3.1 million in capital funds to create what will soon be one of New York’s largest solar panel installations on BMCC’ roof.

“The BMCC pool is very welcoming to the community, especially after 9/11,” said Stringer. The Borough President went on to say that the new pool is ‘friendlier’ and praised BMCC wholeheartedly. “I fell in love with BMCC when I went to a graduation here a few years ago. Students here go on to do some amazing things, which is a testament to the faculty and President Pérez.”

Touring the pool area
As BMCC community members, students, and staffers toured the pool area with G. Scott Anderson, Vice President of Administration and Planning at BMCC, swimmers enjoying the pool on this hot August morning smiled at and waved at everyone. Even the young children from BMCC’s Early Children’s Center were excited to see the new pool.

Pool looks brighter and ‘more inviting’
The major changes to the pool included new tiling on the bottom of the pool and new pole-lighting on the ceiling, which uses less energy and is easier to repair. The new pole-lighting makes the pool look brighter, warmer and more inviting. The pool has also new LED exit signs and a new scoreboard.