Applied Theatre Master’s Degree Students Present Theatre-in-Education Festival of Work

Theatre-in-Education (TIE) is a generic term used to describe theatre forms presented by actors who are versed in the techniques and methods of both theatre and teaching. The work is usually designed for a specific age group within the age range of 3 to 18 years, but is also sometimes developed for adult audiences. The performers are traditionally called “actor-teachers”.

The primary distinguishing feature of TIE is its explicit educational purpose. Companies or “teams” aim to provide more than entertainment – although the work should be fun – and to teach something other than theatre skills or theatre appreciation – although these may be by-products.

The CUNY School of Professional Studies in partnership with the Creative Arts Team is hosting the Theatre-in-Education Festival on Saturday, May 22, 2010, from 10am to 6:15pm.  It will take place at the Creative Arts Team, 101 West 31st Street, 6th Floor.

The four teams presenting in the “mini-fest” are comprised of students from the Applied Theatre class Teaching Through Theatre: The Theory and Practice of TIE. The students have created four original pieces, devised and designed for specific audiences: 3rd/4th grades, 5th grade, 7th grade & high school students. Prior to the festival the work will be performed for these audiences. The festival offers an opportunity for the students to share their work with a wider, interested audience.  The event is free and is open to the public.

The day is scheduled as follows:

10am – Healthy and Happy Ever After An exploration of healthy choices for the 3rd and 4th grade.

12pm – Friend Request An examination of real and cyber identity for the 7th grade.

2:30pm – Through the Wall An adventure that asks how 5th graders can be active citizens!

4:30pm – Crossing the Line Exploring the power of words with high school students!

Each presentation will be approx. 1hour 45mins in length, followed by a 15 minutes break (except at lunchtime).

For more information, call 212-652-2820.