Fall 2010 hackNY Student Hackathon

The hackathon will take place October 9-10, 1pm-1pm at NYU’s Courant Institute. This is a chance for students to find out about NYC’s growing tech startup ecosystem via presentations by startups of their APIs and datasets, on which students will base their mashups, creations, visualizations, and other “hacks” over a 24-hour period. Students’ demos will be judged for prizes and glory. Click herefor more information.

The hackathon is also a chance for us to get to know students who might be interested in applying for the 2011 class of hackNY Fellows, a summer internship program including housing at NYU, matched positions at tech startups for which their skills are needed, and a series of pedagogical lectures from CEOs, CTOs, and investors. More information about the Fellows’ program can be found in a recent Wall Street Journal article here.

Students should register in advance at this link.

A brief video which captures the spirit of our spring hackathon was made by the Yahoo Developer Network, one of the sponsors for the hackathons, and can be found here.