Hostos Repertory Theater Wins Two ACE Awards Ángel Morales, Best DirectorLuz Maria Lambert, Best Supporting ActressFor the Play You Always Forget Something

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 (New York) – Professor Ángel Morales, Artistic Director of the Hostos Repertory Theater, has won an ACE Best Director Award for his staging of You Always Forget Something (Siempre se Olvida Algo), and Luz María Lambert received an ACE Award for Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in the same production.

Expressing his pride in the success of Hostos Community College’s resident theatrical troupe, President Félix V. Matos Rodríguez declared: “The spirit of theater is very much alive at Hostos. Thanks to Professor Morales’ commitment  and leadership, Hostos students and members of the faculty and staff can make use of their multiple talents to entertain, enlighten, and inspire appreciative audiences on our campus and at other venues.”

Written by Cuban dramatist Virgilio Piñera, You Always Forget Something is an absurdist play in which actors portray caricatures rather than realistic characters. It is a high-energy physical comedy about four women resorting to crazy systems in an effort to find order in an increasingly chaotic world.

You Always Forget Something also received three awards from the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA) for outstanding play, outstanding performance by an ensemble cast, and outstanding achievement in direction. The award-winning ensemble cast included two recent Hostos graduates, faculty members, and professional performers: Marisol Carrere, Melissa Diaz, Luz-María Lambert, Luciano Patino and Barbara Santiago.

Professor Morales observed: “We are very privileged at Hostos to be able to produce plays from renowned Latin American writers such as Piñera and have audiences responding very positively. You Always Forget Something was a challenging play because of its genre (theater of the absurd), but the theme of the ‘lapse of the collective memory’ is universal, and when it is presented in a humorous way, then it is a funhouse mirror.”

The Association of Latin Entertainment Critics (Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos de Nueva York) is a nonprofit cultural organization founded on December 12, 1967. The organization has bestowed the LatinACE awards (Premios ACE) annually since May 25, 1969. Notable artists honored by ACE include Iris Chacón, Charytín, Plácido Domingo, Lupita Ferrer, dancer-actress Yolanda Montez (“Tongolele”), Olga Guillot, Julio Iglesias, José José, Rocío Jurado, Marga López, Angélica María, Puerto Rican trumpeter Luis “Perico” Ortiz, Silvia Pinal, Cuban percussionist Carlo “Patato” Valdez, and television journalists and talk-show hosts Don Francisco,Cristina Saralegui and Natalia Cruz. The organization was recognized in the United States House of Representatives on March 27, 1992, by Rep. José E. Serrano (DNY).

As of 2006, awards at the main ceremony are given in the areas of Variety, Theater, Film, Television, and Cable Television.