Honors for Senator Schumer, Congressman Serrano and Barnes & Noble at Hostos Gala

Hostos Community College celebrated its annual gala last Friday night at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx by honoring Senator Charles Schumer, Congressman Serrano and Barnes & Noble. The gala’s effort dedicates its fundraising to student scholarship, scholarship endowment and student life activities that allow Hostos to be the community fostering institution that it is.

Hostos President Dr. Félix V. Matos Rodríguez presented The Honorable Senator Charles Schumer with the Hostos Person of the Year Award for his career in public service. In President Matos’ words, “Senator Schumer’s dedication has probably touched everyone in this room. In one way or another we have benefited from legislation, actions, programs and his leadership.”

A President’s Medal was awarded to Congressman José Serrano for his unwavering dedication in support of higher education. “It is a great pleasure for us to have a scholarship program that prepares our students to work in a global economy.  The Hostos Global Scholars Program happened because of Congressman Serrano and we’ve come to call these fantastic students – Serrano Scholars,” indicated President Matos Rodríguez.

The third and last award, Hostos Corporation of the Year, was presented to Barnes & Noble for outstanding corporate partnership and supporter of Hostos Community College. Barnes & Noble Vice President of Sales, Mr. Paul Maloney, accepted the award on behalf of Mr. Len Riggio, Chairman of Barnes & Noble.

A video montage, produced by CUNY TV, showcasing some of Hostos’ exemplary students and alumni was presented during the ceremony with profiles of: Saudy Tejada, Global Scholar; April Walker, CUNY Bronx Scholar & Circle of 100; Sergio Ang, Cirlce of 100 & W. Edgecombe Scholar; Qudus Lawal, Kaplan Scholar & Circle of 100 among others. Their stories spoke of hope, dreams and achievements. Other Hostos outstanding scholars in attendance at last night’s gala were Luz María Lambert, Global Scholar; Lilian Esquivel, J. Aguado Scholar; Oyamiwa Walker, J. Aguado Scholar; María Laboy, González Brothers’ Scholar; Tatiana Rodríguez, González Brothers’ Scholar & Bronx CUNY Scholarship; Ouma Sanoussi, González Brothers’ Scholar and Shavone Osborne.

Mr. John Calderón, Chair of the Hostos Gala, greeted the evening and introduced the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hostos Community College Foundation, Mr. Timothy Noble and the Vice Chair of the CUNY Board of Trustees, Mr. Philip Berry. Mr. Calderón also acknowledged all the other CUNY trustees, vice chancellors and presidents who were in attendance.