CUNY School of Professional Studies announces Scholarship Recipients

The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) is delighted to congratulate the inaugural winners of its newly-instituted Founding Dean’s Scholarship and the Bob Martin Memorial Scholarship. The Founding Dean’s Scholarship is open to all qualified applicants enrolled in a CUNY SPS degree program on a part- or full-time basis, and are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic merit. The Bob Martin Memorial Scholarship, established by his family and friends to honor his love of learning and the pursuit of potential, is open to any applicant with a 2.5 GPA or higher who is enrolled in a CUNY SPS online baccalaureate program on a part- or full-time basis, and who will be entering his/her final semester prior to completing the online degree.

2011 SPS Founding Dean’s Scholarship recipients

Lynne C. Turner is a candidate for the M.A in Labor Studies in February 2012. In her years of working to advance collective bargaining rights and raise standards for workers through the building of community organizations, Turner realized that the labor movement faces many challenges for which there are no easy solutions, and for which multiple strategies are required. She believes that the U.S. labor movement, with its fifteen million members and thousands of non-union workers, is well-situated to spearhead large-scale educational outreach and intensive workshops that will empower workers with the vision to reshape the political landscape and to revitalize the U.S. labor movement. Turner says that her studies at the CUNY School of Professional Studies’ Murphy Institute have enabled her to sharpen her own critical analysis and formulate a framework to build an alternative narrative not only for workers, but also for their families, co-workers, and communities. “I do believe that this is an opportune time to build new programs through labor education,” she says, “and receiving the Founding Dean’s Scholarship will enable me to sustain myself financially through graduation and beyond in launching new and extensive labor education programs in our region.”

Nivia C. Martinez is pursuing her B.A. in Communication & Culture. Her studies have helped to build her interest in global affairs and a growing passion to better understand humanity and interactive community. “This is an exciting age for communications in history, with all nations and cultures instantly connected and processing information faster than ever before,” says Martinez, whose goal is to pursue a career with an international organization that focuses on the dynamics of our global society. When she completes her bachelor’s degree, Martinez plans to pursue a graduate degree that will continue to develop her skills and expertise. In a time when the cost of living and a troubling economy threaten many dreams of higher education, receiving the Founding Dean’s Scholarship is a gift she deeply appreciates. “The value of an education is something that goes beyond dollars,” she notes. “It is valued for the awareness, confidence, and knowledge it brings to one’s life.”

2011 Bob Martin Memorial Scholarship recipient

Nakia Jawara, a single parent with two young sons, and candidate to complete the B.A. in Communication and Culture in 2011, represents the spirit of this memorial scholarship. “SPS is an institution based on educational ethics. The staff is fantastic and my studies here have enabled me to become focused, with a newfound confidence I never thought possible,” she says. As the scholarship’s namesake would have wished, Jawara believes that receiving the Bob Martin Memorial Scholarship has given her the opportunity to live her life to its fullest potential and to “spread [her] wings and fly.” Her future goals include pursuing a master’s degree and working in the public relations field.

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