June 17, 2011 | School of Professional Studies

Since 2005, The CUNY School of Professional Studies (SPS) and the Lincoln Center Institute, the educational arm of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, have partnered to offer training in the use of aesthetic education techniques. Aesthetic education is defined as “an intentional undertaking designed to nurture appreciative, reflective, cultural, participatory engagements with the arts by enabling learners to notice what there is to be noticed, and to lend works of art their lives in such a way that they can achieve them as variously meaningful” (Maxine Greene, Variations on a Blue Guitar, The Lincoln Center Institute Lectures on Aesthetic Education, 2001).

To this end, the Lincoln Center Institute is offering two sets of programs this summer: the International Educator Workshop and Advanced-Level Workshops. Open to educators, artists, administrators, teachers, and professors from around the world, the workshops unlock imaginative learning through engaging with works of art. Students who would like to receive graduate credit for their participation in the workshops must complete additional assignments, attend additional classroom hours, and register separately with CUNY SPS.

The workshops will take place this summer from July 11 through July 22. For more information, visit or, or contact Teresa Froelich,, for the workshop brochures.


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