Medgar Evers College Freshman Jennifer deRoche Receives 2011 Peter Jennings Scholarship Laurel Award

Medgar Evers College freshman Jennifer deRoche received a 2011 Peter Jennings Scholarship Laurel Award. Named in honor of world-renowned journalist and education advocate Peter Jennings, the scholarship is awarded to General Education Diploma (GED) students who have participated in the CUNY Literacy Programs, obtained their GED, and attend a CUNY school.

“To have received the award in the presence of the Provost [Howard C. Johnson] and President [William L. Pollard] of Medgar Evers College has made me very happy,” said deRoche. “The thought of getting an education was never far from my mind but after becoming a single parent, my education took second place to my daughter’s needs. Time flew by so fast and it was only upon the encouragement of a friend to study together, that I decided to do my GED. It so happened that my friend dropped out but I persisted.”

The GED is an important stepping stone in deRoche’s educational development. Currently, she serves as a volunteer in the GED department and plans to major in Business Administration and own a day care center.

“Medgar Evers College has always been proud of its students and Ms. Jennifer deRoche has given us ample reason to be happy about her success,” said Dr. William L. Pollard, President of Medgar Evers College. “This institution will continue to invest in lives that will make this community a beacon to the nation.”

Since the inception of the scholarship, the awards have comprised $1,000 each including $50 gift certificates to defray the cost of textbooks to each nominee. Medgar Evers College has had 9 scholarship winners including this year’s recipient: in 2004, Ruth Adams received the award and graduated Summa Cum Laude; in 2005, Onika Keel was the recipient and graduated as Salutatorian; in 2007, there were two winners – Hawley Sealey (a BMI GED participant) at present a math major and Bernice Obiri-Yeboah, now currently in a nursing program in New Jersey; in 2008, Victor Nwaokwu who participated in the BMI GED program is now in Computer Science and an employee within the Math Department; in 2009 – there were two winners – Phillip Parris who participated in the BMI GED program and is currently a Business major and Nadia Rushedge, formerly in the Literacy GED program; in 2010, Paulette Jules participated in the Literacy GED program and is currently an Environmental Science student and in 2011 Jennifer DeRoche, who participated in the Literacy GED program and is now a Business major.

Ms. deRoche, who emigrated from England twenty years ago, expressed her gratitude for the assistance she received from Deborah Charles, Freshman Student Advisor; Ms. Betty Parris of the GED program, Ella Russell, Director of the College’s GED Program, its staff, her professors, daughter, Nerissa and members of her family. She anticipates graduating from Medgar with an A.S in Business Administration at the same time her daughter will be graduating from High School.

About Medgar Evers College, CUNY

Medgar Evers College was founded in 1970 through the efforts from educators and community leaders in central Brooklyn. The College is named after Medgar Wiley Evers, a Mississippi-born black civil rights activist who was assassinated on June 12, 1963. The College is divided into four schools: The School of Business; The School of Professional and Community Development; The School of Liberal Arts and Education; and The School of Science, Health, and Technology. Through these Schools, the College offers 29 associate and baccalaureate degree programs, as well as certificate programs in fields such as English, Nursing, and Accounting. Medgar Evers College also operates several co-curricular and external programs and associated centers such as the Male Development and Empowerment Center, the Center for Women’s Development, the Center for Black Literature, and The DuBois Bunche Center for Public Policy.