Brooklyn College Partnering in Major Film Production Program

Brooklyn College and Steiner Film Studios at the Brooklyn Navy Yards — the largest film and television production facility on the East Coast — have become partners in a new graduate program in film, to launch in 2013.

It will be the only graduate film program in the country located on a working studio lot, and it will offer nine degree programs in directing, cinematography, producing, production design, post-production, screenwriting, musical scoring, entertainment industry management and cinema studies.

“The program reflects the way films are actually made,” says Daniel Gurskis, a screenwriter who chairs Brooklyn College’s Department of Film. “This process involves many people in different stages in many specialties,” says Gurskis. “Our goal is to have all of the steps in the production and postproduction process represented in a single program. There are other well-known film programs in the U.S., but they offer just a part of what we will offer. Ours will be truly comprehensive.”

Steiner Studios will provide classrooms, laboratories and spaces for production and postproduction. Students will do internships and work part time with film companies and production studios leasing space at Steiner Studios. “That will help students make industry connections for future jobs,” says Gurskis.

Doug Steiner, chairman of Steiner Studios, “is a huge champion of connecting the students with professionals and he said on numerous occasions that it’s going to be a critical element of the program and he will do everything to facilitate that,” Gurskis says.

The variety of graduate film degrees to be offered by Brooklyn College will have different requirements, with the maximum cost estimated to be about $25,000.

“Our goal is to create affordable access to career opportunities in film and TV for New York City residents,” says Gurskis. “We’re hoping to attract students who ordinarily might not consider attending a program like this because of the cost. Our expectation is that the students body will look like a typical CUNY student body and that we will be providing a pipeline of diverse talent for the film and television industries.”