Citizen CUNY Portal Now Offers Even More Services

To welcome the largest number of students ever to enroll at The City University of New York, the University has enhanced its online portal to student services, which is now called “Citizen CUNY, Your Portal to Service.”

The Citizen CUNY portal connects students with University services, including: expanded online library and database offerings to enrich learning and research; online access to grades and transcripts; services for veterans; financial aid; savings on textbooks; campus-based child care; help with citizenship; job-hunting assistance, and more.

At the same time, the new portal’s content reflects the historic importance of public service to CUNY, and reaffirms the importance of student civic engagement today. In the realm of civic responsibilities, the portal helps connect students with such activities as registering to vote, gaining leadership skills through civic engagement and tapping into the mayor’s dynamic database of volunteer opportunities, an easy-to-use pathway to countless outlets for community service. Students will find it easier to find opportunities for community service via a featured link to the city’s website for volunteers,

Chancellor Matthew Goldstein said that as CUNY’s reputation continues to rise, the University is serving a record number of freshmen and transfer students. “This diverse, engaged and richly talented population shares a common bond as citizens of our University,” he said. “They are essential to the future of our city and state, as they acquire knowledge indispensable to a strong and flexible workforce. Citizen CUNY is about how a great university connects and uplifts people and helps to transform their lives in positive ways that will benefit our city and state.”

Citizen CUNY will stay fresh with rotating content, while providing messages, advisories and video announcements targeted to discrete user communities. There will be continually updated information on services, programs and benefits available to citizens of CUNY.

From the University’s birth as The Free Academy 164 years ago, what has grown into the nation’s largest urban public university has maintained an implicit understanding with its students — public service while in college or after graduation in return for the high quality, low-cost, public higher education that is accessible to all. Nearly a century ago, in 1913, City College affirmed that value by introducing a recitation of the Ephebic Oath by graduating students. Echoing young Athenian students of antiquity, today’s CCNY graduates still recite the oath, which says in part: “We will strive unceasingly to quicken the public’s sense of civic duty … We will strive to transmit this city … greater, better, and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”

Queens College, founded in 1937, adopted the motto “Discimus ut Serviamus: We learn so that we may serve.” In 1959, nearly 50 years after CCNY adopted the Ephebic Oath, some 8,100 students at the city’s public colleges contributed 313,520 hours to social, educational and welfare agencies, according to a report from the Board of Higher Education, which then supervised the smaller, pre-CUNY municipal system.

Today, Citizen CUNY seeks to expand this proud tradition of service for a new generation of students accustomed to the web-based environment.

The Citizen CUNY portal was developed through a partnership between CUNY’s Offices of University Relations and University Computer and Information Systems. Among the portal’s other benefits and services are an e-mall, special city cultural discounts, tax preparation seminars, counseling services, continuing education for all ages, and access to athletic events and performances.