Bronx Community College Holds Dedication Ceremony for New Campus Mural

Bronx, NY — Bronx Community College held a dedication ceremony on October 27, 2011, for a new mural created for its campus. Conceived, designed, and executed by students and graduates of BCC’s Digital Arts Program, the artwork is located on the temporary construction fence adjacent to the College’s Language Hall. The dedication ceremony was held in the same area. As the campus of Bronx Community College is now undergoing new building construction and major infrastructure improvements, the mural helps to beautify the campus.

Entitled “Transformation,” it is a colorful depiction of various Bronx (and New York City) iconic landmarks, including Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Zoo, and Bronx Community College’s Gould Memorial Library. The mural is 64 feet by 4 feet 6 inches. It was brought to life over a period of eight months by the dedicated and hardworking team of students and alumni. With the guidance of faculty from the Department of Art and Music, the team worked on the project throughout this past summer. They were involved from the initial brainstorming sessions to fastening the completed masterpiece to its current location.

BCC alumnus Pablo Almonte, who majored in digital arts, served as the art director of the project. He and current digital arts major Renore Silverio were instrumental in organizing and leading the team. During the initial phase, a sketch of the mural was drafted by several artists on a single roll of paper. The sketch was photographed in sections, and then pieced together using Photoshop (an image editing software). Each of six artists worked on separate sections using Illustrator (a digital illustration software). The final mural was printed on numerous panels that were later put together.

“The mural was a labor of love donated by the students of the Digital Arts Program at BCC as a way of celebrating their own transformation, and as a gift to future students who will follow in their footsteps,” said Lisa Amowitz, deputy chair of the Department of Art and Music. “The effort should be appreciated not only as a showcase of the wonderful talent and hard work of the students involved, but also for their ability to work as a team to accomplish something that at first seemed almost inconceivable in its magnitude and scope.”

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