Course Load May Be Heavy at Hunter, But the Debt Load is Light

Add this to the long list of advantages of attending Hunter: Its graduates carry one of the lowest debt loads of any college or university in America. So says the Project on Student Debt in a report covering members of the Class of 2010. The survey places Hunter among the 20th lowest debt schools in the nation.

The list was arranged alphabetically rather than by the size of debts, so Hunter’s exact national ranking was not given, but it stands alongside such elite institutions as Williams College and Princeton University. The only other CUNY school to make the list of 20 was the College of Staten Island.

The achievement is all the more remarkable given that Northeastern schools in general and New York schools in particular are among those with the highest debt levels in the nation. The report said the debt range for students graduating from the highest-burden schools was from $40,400 to $55,250. The range for the lowest-debt schools was $950 to $8,700.