Statement from The City University of New York

While a public hearing was being conducted by the CUNY Board of Trustees at Baruch College, at which more than 95 speakers had signed up to present their views, a group of protesters entered the first-floor lobby.  Because the hearing room was filled to capacity, some of the protesters were directed to an overflow room equipped with the live video of the ongoing hearing.  Some of the protesters refused to proceed to the overflow room and instead surged forward toward the college’s identification turnstiles, where they were met by CUNY Public Safety officers and Baruch College officials.  The protesters were asked twice to exit the lobby or return to the overflow room.  They refused, creating a public safety hazard.  In order to ensure that public safety and access to the building was maintained for students who were attending classes this evening, the CUNY Public Safety officers secured the space and removed the protesters.  One Public Safety officer was transported to a hospital for chest pains and two others received minor injuries.   Fifteen protesters were arrested and processed by CUNY Public Safety officers.  Throughout this time, the public hearing as well as the college’s classes and other business functions continued.