Prof. Zeidman Quoted on Diversity of Jury Pools in Queens Tribune

The Queens Tribune quotes Professor Steve Zeidman in a story about the underrepresentation of certain groups among jury pools in Queens. According to the article, Hispanics and “Other” groups are underrepresented in some pools in Queens, compared to Census data. Zeidman said that class might be a factor of some groups not being represented among jury pools. “The poorer you are, the harder it is to do jury service. Can you afford day care? Are you self-employed? If you have money, you can manage this much better,” he said.

Zeidman is a professor and director of the Criminal Defense Clinic at CUNY Law. He advocates on behalf of indigent defendants in many venues, including as a member of the Indigent Defense Organization Oversight Committee. He presently serves on the Board of Directors of Prisoners’ Legal Services and has also served on several statewide commissions, including the Commission on the Future of Indigent Defense Services and the Jury Project.

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