Prof. Cox Discusses Search for Kuwait’s National Archives

In a column for JURIST, CUNY Law Librarian and Associate Professor Douglas Cox discusses the missing Kuwaiti national archives that were taken by Iraq in 1990 and the UN Security Council resolution that continues to be leveled against Iraq until the archives are returned.

Prof Cox’s previous law library experience includes providing legal reference assistance at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and assisting inmates in the jail law libraries at Rikers Island. He previously practiced law in London and New York focusing on cross-border legal issues and litigation.

Cox recently wrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times on why the United States should return to Panama the thousands of boxes of documents it seized during Operation Just Cause in 1989 when Manuel Noriega was ousted from the country. He also wrote an op-ed for Chronicle of Higher Education on how government responses to accessing Wiki-Leaks should be carefully studied by academia and law students.

Read his latest column for JURIST