20 Macaulay Honors College Students Selected as First Cohort of Hertog Scholars

Selectees represent all seven partner campuses and a wide range of academic fields.

After a rigorous and competitive application process, 20 outstanding undergraduate scholars at Macaulay Honors College have been selected as the first cohort of Hertog Scholars beginning in the fall of 2012.

The program offers each scholar a $2,000 annual stipend and immerses her or him in a sequence of multidisciplinary seminars focusing on enduring texts that ask vital contemporary questions such as  “What is a just social order?” and  “What do different forms of literary expression tell us about the relation of self and society in a particular culture?” In their applications, students must demonstrate a clear connection between the program and their own academic goals and the ability to contribute actively and collaboratively to the seminars, in addition to effective writing skills. Macaulay Honors College students are all required to maintain a 3.5 GPA overall.

The 2012 Hertog Scholars span all seven Macaulay partner campuses and represent a wide range of academic fields of study. They are:

Simon Ayzman ’15 of Hunter College (Political Science major);

Rajshechar Basak ’15 of City College (Physics);

Svyatoslav Brodestkiy ’14 of Baruch College (Economics and Philosophy);

Rachael Eliasen ’15 of College of Staten Island (Communications);

Christian DiBari ’15 of Brooklyn College (English);

Thomas Flynn ’14 of Hunter College (Film) ;

Jeremy Forman ’14 of Queens College (Art History);

Paula Garcia-Salazar ’15 of City College (Political Science);

Agnieszka Gugala ’14 of Hunter College (Environmental Studies);

Konstantin Kaminsky ’14 of Baruch College (Economics);

Yvette Deanne ’15 of Queens College (undeclared);

James Lambros ’15 of Hunter College (undeclared);

Kwame Ocran ’14 of Hunter College (Political Science);

Travis Palladino ’14 of Queens College (Political Science);

Daniel Pecoraro ’14 of Hunter College (History);

Jenna Peet ’14 of Brooklyn College (Physics Education);

Mikhail Relsuchin ’15 of Baruch College (undeclared);

Zachary Sandman ’15 of Brooklyn College (undeclared);

Michael Tal ’14 of Lehman College (Political Science); and

Samantha Rodriguez ’14 of Hunter College (Religion).

“It was wonderful to receive so many strong applications in our first year out from so many talented and motivated Macaulay students,” offered Dr. Darren Staloff, the first and founding Director of the Hertog Scholars Program. “This inaugural year of the program promises to be one of amazing intellectual and personal growth for all of us involved and I’m very much looking forward to the first session in the fall.” Seminars in the first year include The Search for a Just Order: Social and Political Thought, and Representation and Imagination, Self and Society: A Survey of Literature. In addition to the stipend, students will receive free course materials and books, specialized academic mentoring including help and guidance in obtaining admission to summer study programs at home and abroad, and exposure to and notification of prominent speakers and thinkers brought to campus for special events.

More about the program can be found here.

Darren Staloff is Professor in the Department of History at City College and the Graduate Center at CUNY. He is recipient of the 2010-2011 Outstanding Teacher Award at City College and his principal academic interests are early modern and modern political and intellectual history, with a specialty in early American History. The author of The Making of an American Thinking Class: Intellectuals and Intelligentsia in Puritan Massachusetts (Oxford University Press, 1998) and Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson: The Politics of Enlightenment and the American Founding (Hill and Wang, 2005).

“I am positive Dr. Staloff’s mini-lectures to the candidates for the Hertog Program were key to generating the strong applicant pool we saw,” noted Dr. Gary Schwartz, Interim  Associate University Dean for Academic Affairs at Macaulay. “He is a dynamic, talented instructor and scholar who knows how to get the most from his students, and they in return will get so much from him. Following on the tradition of the Macaulay New York City Seminars, the Hertog seminars will be a rich, multidisciplinary academic journey that taps the intellectual richness and diversity of Macaulay students.”

Seminars will begin on Fridays in the fall at Macaulay Honors College on West 67th Street in Manhattan.

About the Hertog Foundation

The Hertog Foundation was founded by Roger Hertog. a graduate of City College of New York and chair of the New York Historical Society; chair emeritus of the Manhattan Institute; and a trustee of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, the New York Public Library, the New York Philharmonic, and the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. He is also vice-chair emeritus of Alliance-Bernstein L.P. In 2007, he received the National Humanities Medal.

About Macaulay Honors College

Macaulay Honors College offers exceptional students a uniquely personalized education, with access to the vast resources of the nation’s largest urban university and New York City itself.  Selected for their top high school records and leadership potential, every Macaulay student receives a full in-state tuition scholarship, a laptop and technology support, and a $7,500 Opportunity Fund to pursue global learning and service opportunities.  For more information, see macaulay.cuny.edu.

Gary Schwartz
Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

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