Clips of the Week


Here are some great stories to help kickoff the new semester. (Note: Work from Class of 2011 members who have completed their studies soon will be moving to our increasingly crowded Alumni Corner.)

•Elbert Chu wrote about a principal in trouble for The New York Times’ SchoolBook blog. Hannah Miet’s follow-up story on the death of a bicyclist killed by a truck in Brooklyn found a home in the City Room blog.

•Speaking of The Times, the latest on The Local includes posts by, among others, Minty Grover, Mary Shell, Joe Stepansky, Christine Streich and Jane Teeling. A special shoutout is due Mitch Trinka, who recently capped his year as our post-graduate Local fellow. Join us in congratulating Mitch on a job well done and in welcoming Kyle McGovern of the Class of ’11 to the key slot.

•If you missed the broadcasts of any of the last three installments of 219 News Magazine, they’re now online. Contributors include: Tamy Cozier, Christina Diaz, Rachel Dzanashvili, Elis Estrada, Alva French, Brenda Gonzalez, Jennifer Hamblett, Kahliah Laney, Judy Le, Debra Pangestu, Bianca Seidman, Samantha Stewart and Malgorzata Wojtunik.

•A documentary about climate change in Africa that Megan Izen worked on was screened at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban last month. You can find the film here.

•Eli Chen’s story about an effort to protect old ferry stations found a home in the Mott Haven Herald. Alex Robinson reported on the participatory budgeting process.

•Justin Mitchell’s video about birdwatchers in Prospect Park landed on the News Service.

•Lindsay Armstrong’s feature about a photographer who specializes in positive images of the Bronx got nice play in the Daily News. Check out the pdf here.

•Ashley Welch’s story about a band of kayakers testing the Hudson River for toxins made

•Sherrina Navani’s video-and-text package about a youth literacy program that enlists the aid of pediatricians found a home on the Staten Island Advance’s site.

•Daniel Prendergast’s look at the impact of a housing subsidy program’s impending end got nice play on The Brooklyn Bureau, a new site from the folks at City Limits.


Some news from our Alumni Corner:

•Jenni Avins’ profile of a New Jersey muskrat trapper made New York magazine.

•You’ll find Jessica Firger’s piece about “The Dr. Oz Show” in the February issue of ELLE.

•Mike Reicher’s story about a wave-powered turbine proposal for Newport Beach made the Los Angeles Times.

•Jordan Shakeshaft, representing, appeared on Channel 4 to discuss foods that aren’t as healthful as some might think.

• Sophia Tewa’s documentary, “The People The Rain Forgot,” which tells the story of victims of climate change in Africa, took top honors at the Hollywood Cinema Film Festival.

•Almudena Toral’s video about a teenage girl from Afghanistan working toward a better future made Time’s website.


Congrats to all – and keep ‘em coming!