Clips of The Week


Here are some great links to enjoy over the holiday weekend:

•Kara Bloomgarten-Smoke’s story for The Christian Science Monitor about an anti-Mitt Romney protest by dog lovers got huge pickup.

•Raed Rafei and Jackie Snow’s piece about the South Street Seaport’s famed Bowne & Co. Stationers made Aishti magazine. Click here for the pdf.

•Carla Astudillo’s look back at a deadly Brooklyn fire found a home in the Daily News. Vanesa Vennard reported on a program that tries to steer kids away from gangs.

•Evan Buxbaum wrote about plans for a gourmet market in Melrose for the Mott Haven Herald. Amora McDaniel reported on opposition to FreshDirect’s proposal to create a new headquarters in Port Morris.

•Hannah Miet, writing for The New York Times, covered a City Council hearing on how the NYPD investigates bicyclists’ deaths.

•Speaking of The Times, Elbert Chu’s look at this year’s Intel Science Talent Search finalists made SchoolBook.

•More signs of The Times: The latest on The Local includes contributions by, among others, Erin Horan,  Jesse Leon, Amora McDaniel, Kyle McGovern, Joe Stepansky,  Christine Streich, Jane Teeling, Linda Villarosa and Brenna Walton.

•In case you missed it the first time around, the special two-part, two-hour final AudioFiles podcast of the Fall semester can be found on our News Service. Contributors include: Michelle Bangert, Ian Chant, Paul DeBenedetto, Rebecca Lee Douglas, Rachel Dzanashvili, Lisa Hagen, Frans Koster and Rasmus Raun Westh.

The Class of 2011 is already having a big impact beyond our News Service:

•Lisa Arino, writing for The Muskegon Chronicle, told the uplifting story of a woman who gave birth in an elevator.

•Michelle Bangert covered a superhero-themed fundraiser for Hemispheres magazine.

•Jose Bayona, Paul Bufano and An Phung’s report on city trees made  City Limits.

•Alva French produced a video about an indoor park in Manhattan for AP.

•Frans Koster contributed to this New York Post story about the arrest of a teacher’s aide.

Elsewhere in our Alumni Corner:

 •Rima Abdelkader worked on these Rock Center web videos about Iran’s nuclear scientists.

•Jenni Avins got a hands-on education in the fur trade reporting this piece for Vice.

•Dale Eisinger’s wrote about Mitt Romney’s singing for the International Business Times.

•Emily Johnson’s audio-and-print report from Indonesia on the clash between punk culture and Sharia law was featured on The World.

•Christopher Schuetze’s article about tensions over the E.U.’s cross-border education system found a home in the International Herald Tribune.

•Jordan Shakeshaft’s piece about innovative gyms was featured on

Congrats to all — and keep ‘em coming!