ABA Magazine Article from CLRN Director Fred Rooney (’86) on Need for Pro Bono Services

In the American Bar Association’s latest GPSolo magazine, Fred Rooney (’86), director of the Community Legal Resource Network (CLRN), discusses the serious need for legal representation of people navigating the US justice system. He cites a survey from the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index, which ranks the United States the lowest of 11 developed nations in terms of providing access to justice for its citizens.

As a start to addressing this problem, Rooney suggests pro bono services and points to CLRN as proof of how this can make good business. He highlights the experience of CLRN members Yogi Patel (’06) and Heidi Henle (’99) providing pro bono services in their own solo practices.

CLRN is a collaborative that supports CUNY Law graduates as they work to set up and run solo or small-group practices devoted to serving pressing needs of the poor and disadvantaged in communities that are underserved by lawyers.

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