Bronx Educational Opportunity Center leads in Microsoft Certifications

ATTAIN Lab at the Bronx Educational Opportunity Center leads the nearly 40 statewide ATTAIN Labs network in Microsoft Certifications.

Figures recently released by the State University of New York show that the ATTAIN lab at the Bronx Educational Opportunity Center helped 575 New Yorkers receive certifications in various Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel and Power Point, last year. This was 150 greater than the next achieving location in New York State.

“Certification by Microsoft is the industry standard for demonstrating competence,” said Stephen Adolphus, Executive Director of the Bronx EOC. “ In these tough economic times, having this credential can make all the difference in competing for jobs.”

The Bronx EOC is one of ten similar adult education centers in urban locations in New York State.  All EOC’s are a program of the State University of New York; the Bronx EOC is administered locally by Bronx Community College/CUNY.  ATTAIN, a state program aimed at attacking the “digital divide” between advantaged and disadvantaged communities, is a SUNY program operating in EOC’s and community organizations.  All services at the EOC’s, which in addition to the ATTAIN labs include academic instruction from basic education to GED preparation to college preparation, along with vocational training and placement, are offered at no charge to qualified New Yorkers.

Alex Arkorful and Samuel Boateng run the ATTAIN lab at the Bronx EOC.    “In an environment where the typical average of three or more computers per American home does not hold true,” says Arkorful, “our students have amazed us in terms of how hungry they are in bridging the digital divide. Although we’ve been getting more students these days with stronger digital literacy, which makes it easier to build on, it is also a testament to their drive in becoming more digitally astute.”

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